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Presentation @SemDeep-6

Introduction to the Target Sense Verification for Word in Context (WiC-TSV) Challenge Presenter: Anna Breit

Invited Talk @Winter School of KnowGraphs

Application talk: PoolParty Semantic Suite and Knowledge Graph Management Presenter: Martin Kaltenböck and Artem Revenko Abstract: The amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in organisations is growing heavily and data and information is often stored in silos inside of department solutions, but organisations are interested in unified 360 degree views on their data and information to be […]

Talk @EACL 2021

WiC-TSV: An Evaluation Benchmark for Target Sense Verification of Words in Context Presenter: Anna Breit Abstract: We present WiC-TSV, a new multi-domain evaluation benchmark for Word Sense Disambiguation. More specifically, we introduce a framework for Target Sense Verification of Words in Context which grounds its uniqueness in the formulation as binary classification task thus being […]