Meet the Founders

Management Team

Andreas Blumauer


“There are so many possibilities that the Web offers at the beginning of the 21st century, and the Semantic Web is one of the most exciting things ever. Developing these technologies for enterprise use has been our mission at SWC from the beginning. Now semantic knowledge graphs are being used by almost every blue chip company from Apple to Siemens, and we can play a big part in helping this ultimately generate better jobs and products with our PoolParty technology platform. What an exciting journey! A big thank you to all our companions along the way.”

“Data and metadata management have become a crucial factor for business success and innovation. The efficient handling of linked (open) data as well as metadata in the form of (Enterprise) Knowledge Graphs in the fields of industry and public administration is key. By integrating third party data with internal (organisational) data along the whole data value chain – and in combination with social software methods and technologies like human-in-the-loop mechanisms – organisations can clearly benefit and reach competitive advantage!”

Martin Kaltenboeck

Martin Kaltenböck

Management Team 1

Andreas Koller


“As a passionate technician, I am glad that I can be at the forefront of the exciting developments in information management at the Semantic Web Company. Technology now allows us to network our global knowledge in a meaningful and efficient way. But this can only be achieved with responsible, explainable AI. It is a fantastic opportunity to make this happen together with our great customers.”

Senior Management

Andreas Blumauer

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Kaltenböck

Chief Financial Officer

Andreas Koller

Chief Information Officer

Robert David

Chief INNOVATION Officer

Helmut Nagy

Chief Operations Officer

Sebastian Gabler

Chief Customer Officer

Gordon Hayden

Chief Growth Officer

Tomas Knap

Chief Technology Officer

Artem Revenko

Director Research

Nadja Prötsch

Director HR

Thomas Thurner

Director marketing

Jürgen Jakobitsch

Director Infrastructure

Armin Friedl

Director product development

Yuanzhe Yang

Director professional Services

Florian Huber

Director of Software Testing & QA