About us 5

We are the market leader for Semantic AI solutions

Semantic Web Company is the leader in semantic AI solutions for industrial use. For over 15 years, we have been advancing technology to enable our customers to leverage machine learning, NLP and graph technologies at the core of our semantic technologies. The names may change, but not the challenges. We are proud to have risen from pioneer to market leader. We innovate and act sustainably.

Our Vision

We develop an explainable AI that efficiently combines the specific cognitive strengths of humans and machines. Our AI solutions provide a high level of precision in decision-making that organizations and society can trust.

Our Mission

We are the market leader for semantic technologies that enable innovative and comprehensive solutions in data and knowledge management. Our expertise lies especially in the enrichment and analysis of enterprise data using knowledge graphs and semantic AI.


We serve over 150 customers worldwide

Harvard University School
Credit Suisse
Wolters Kluwer
The World Bank
Boehringer Ingelheim
Oxford University Press
Health Direct
United Nations