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SWC @ESWC 2023

ESWC 2023 Crete

Combining Semantic Web and Machine Learningfor Auditable Legal Key Element Extraction Presenter: Anna Breit Time: TBA Based on a real world use case, we developed and evaluated a hybrid AI system that aims to extract key elements from legal permits by combining methods from the Semantic Web and Machine Learning. Specifically, we modelled the available […]

SWC @iDSC 2023

iDSC 2023 Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Str. 30, Krems an der Donau

Taxonomy-enhanced Document Retrieval with Dense Representations Authors: Victor Mireles, Artem Revenko, Ioanna Lytra, Anna Breit, Julia Klezl Presenter: Artem Revenko Time: 2.5.2023 11:30am Document retrieval is a task that powers several downstream applications such as search and question answering. One way to approach this task is to take embeddings of the documents to be retrieved, […]

SWC Research @Semantics 2022

Applying Semantic AI platforms for Augmented Intelligence Presenter: Robert David, Patrice Neff Wednesday, September 14, 2022 - 10:30 to 12:00 In recent years, augmented intelligence systems have advanced to provide humans with insights for knowledge discovery and decision making. Using a cooperative approach, these systems use powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to augment human cognitive activities. To do so, […]