Schematic representation of data lakes with smaller and larger bubbles

SYMBIOPTIMA: The Semantic Smart Grid

SYMBIOPTIMA: The Semantic Smart Grid
May 15, 2017

SYMBIOPTIMA: The Semantic Smart Grid

Schematic representation of data lakes with smaller and larger bubbles

SYMBIOPTIMA: Semantic Smart Grid

This research project brings leading global industry and technology partners together to build a standards-based analytics application for highly efficient resource & energy management across various industrial facilities.

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“SMEs have the potential to build new industry 4.0 processes from scratch. Large companies, by contrast, have a greater problem of data integration across different business segments.”
— Deloitte (2014)

What Will the Resulting Application Be Like?

The research consortium consists of large industrial organisations in the fields of construction and manufacturing, automotive and energy. Along the various supply chains, there is tremendous potential to improve resource and energy management. By applying standards-based technologies the challenge of data heterogeneity can be overcome. Collecting and analysing usage data is the prerequisite to adapt resource management accordingly.  The final application will cover the whole data life cycle from data integration to analytics insights.

How Will Data Integration Be Accomplished?

At the heart of the Semantic Smart Grid is a Virtual Repository that collects the heterogenous data. The data types vary from physical units such as temperature and pressure, measurement units such as energy consumption up to timestamps. The data will be transformed into RDF and contextually enriched through a semantic layer.

Further Developments at Semantic Web Company

PoolParty semantic middleware is a core component of the data processing functionality of the end application. Due to this industrial use case, the software will extend its capabilities in real-time processing of a large data volume and variety.

Project title


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3 years

Methods Applied

  • Semantic Data Processing
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Data Modelling

Our research partners

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Project sponsors

SYMBIOPTIMA is an H2020 project funded under the SPIRE-6 action.

Industry Insights

We have implemented semantic technologies across various industries.

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Semantic Leaders

The pharmaceutical industry has heavily embraced semantic technologies.

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