Schematic representation of connected data nodes and brain structures

DALICC: Data Usage Made Easy

DALICC: Data Usage Made Easy
May 17, 2017

DALICC: Data Usage Made Easy

Schematic representation of connected data nodes and brain structures

DALICC: Data Usage Made Easy

This research initiative addresses the challenge of application providers and their usage of different data sources. Legal usage information and licensing models remain a complex domain that can massively delay the delivery of agile data products. A semantic application shall provide legal transparency for the reuse of data.

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“The overall data market within the European economy is estimated at already more than 50 billion Euro and will get to 111 billion in 2020 under high-growth conditions.”
— IDC and Open Evidence (2015)

What Functionalities Will the Semantic Application Include?

The semantic application will automatically process licensing resources to provide the user with context-relevant information. This might concern the geographic license usage, variations of licensing models depending on data types and very specific information around data reuse and clearance. The application will also include a license composer that puts relevant license information in legal document templates. This is an important milestone for semantic content authoring in a highly complex and specific knowledge domain.

What Does the Data Model of This Application Look Like?

The data model has to include entities as data provider, license issuer and usage, data source, data and license type, legal information, permissions, etc. Resources have to be annotated very precisely to provide legally reliable information. The underlying knowledge model of the application will be a benchmark for enabling the digital data business even further.

Further Developments at Semantic Web Company

PoolParty is integrated with multiple content authoring and publishing solutions. DALICC will provide further improvements to semantic content management and extend the possible feature scope.

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2 years

Methods Applied

  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Linked Data
  • Semantic Data Enrichment

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Project sponsors

DALICC is currently funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. 

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