Schematic representation of large circles with multiple crossing lines in different colors

ALIGNED: Aligning Software & Data Engineering

ALIGNED: Aligning Software & Data Engineering
May 3, 2017

ALIGNED: Aligning Software & Data Engineering

Schematic representation of large circles with multiple crossing lines in different colors

ALIGNED: Aligning Software & Data Engineering

This research project brings software and data engineering closer together early in the software engineering lifecycle process in order to deliver truly data-driven products. Linked Data technologies are perfectly suited to align data with software processes and keep them in synch in fast-paced work environments.

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“The modern data warehouse is a more public institution than it was historically, welcoming data scientists, analysts, and software engineers to partake in its construction and operation. Data is simply too centric to the company’s activity to have limitation around what roles can manage its flow.”
Data Engineer at Airbnb (2017)

What Does It Take to Align Software Engineering and Data Management?

In an agile business environment, software applications need to process large volume and fast-changing data. Conventional data models are rigid and their adaptation increases in complexity fast. RDF enriches data semantically and links it with each other. Moreover, it is not limited to statistical data, but embraces unstructured data. By making data more expressive, it also extends opportunities for data processing to open up. The actual reuse of RDF data within applications depends on high data quality and data transformation as well as integration components that can process these data. The project consortium will provide the methods and tools for an RDF data-driven software engineering environment.

How Does This Methodological Approach Translate at Application Level?

The newly developed methodological approaches will be applied among multiple use cases, including the Semantic Web Company’s own product development process. The company uses multiple systems for their PoolParty software development. Among them a service ticketing tool that allows customers to report software bugs and an internal platform to document product shortcomings and improvement potential. These data often refer to the same concepts, but remain disorganized due to heterogeneous terminology. Through a knowledge graph this resources will be linked and made searchable via a unified Graph Search application.

Further Developments at Semantic Web Company

Multiple software components derived from this research project are directly implemented in PoolParty Semantic Suite. An RDF data quality checker when importing new data to an application is used for the PoolParty product. The data integration component UnifiedViews is extended to trigger events based on a variety of new verified data input.

Project title


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3 years

Methods Applied

  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Text Mining

Our research partners

Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
University of Oxford (UK)
University of Leipzig (Germany)
Wolters Kluwer (Germany)
Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland)

Project sponsor

LOD2: The Linked Data Technology Stack for EnterprisesAligned has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 644055.

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