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PoolParty Academy Trainings

The PoolParty Academy trainings introduce you step-by-step to the world of semantic technologies. The certification programs cover use cases, the technical methodology, and hands-on experience with PoolParty Semantic Suite.

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1. Semantic Web Training

This online training covers the main principles of semantic web technologies and is the perfect start for beginners. Learn about standards-based knowledge modelling. See how semantic technologies fit into enterprise architectures.


Semantic Web Associate

Target Group:

Technology professionals, management with a broad interest in technology

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2. Knowledge Engineering Training

This online training covers knowledge modelling with PoolParty. You learn how to create taxonomies and ontologies. Find out how to enrich your knowledge models with Linked Data and text-mining capabilities.


Knowledge Engineering Specialist

Target Group:

Knowledge engineers, technology professionals


3. Semantic Integration Training

This online training dives deeper into data integration with PoolParty. You learn about graph-based information architectures and how to query them. We demonstrate how to integrate your knowledge models into third-party systems.


Semantic Integration Expert

Target Group:

Information architects, developers


Semantic Insights Column

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