Knowledge Portals

Knowledge Portals

We Link and Enrich your Content Assets Automatically

Most government and non-governmental organizations face challenges to process and share large volumes of content. Growing demand from different communities requires new approaches such as visualization, exploration tools or a download option. We provide you with a world-class semantic technology suite that integrates into your Content Management Systems avoiding data migration. You will be able to provide better services and encourage knowledge sharing. 


schematic representation of a tree structure of data

Your Expectations

  • You want to offer adequate services to your different communities.
  • You want to embrace an innovative knowledge management system.
  • You want to connect your data sources avoiding resource-intensive migration projects.

Your Challenges

  • Your knowledge management initiative involves various stakeholders.
  • You want to ease your information management.
  • You endeavor to improve your knowledge sharing practices.
  • You want a flexible solution to grow together with your project scale.

Our Solution

  • We support you with recognized expertise in requirements engineering and project management.
  • We are experienced technology professionals, who consider knowledge transfer key to success.
  • PoolParty as a proven full-blown semantic middleware with a flexible licensing model is ready for you.

Semantic Solutions for Knowledge Portals

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