Structured Content and Semantics

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From Unstructured Data to Structured Content Snacks

Organizations across most industries face a similar challenge. Their experts produce knowledge in written format that gets lost, forgotten or never discovered in various data silos. Enterprise search applications are an important first step to make knowledge resources more accessible across different departments. True mastery lies in reusing available content automatically across multiple channels. Some examples? Reuse digital marketing and sales material for personalised campaigns. Benefit from available content to speed up the process of content production! Build a highly customised content recommender.

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Your Expectations

  • You want to extend your digital communication services that are fueled by content.
  • You want to provide personalised information services.
  • You want to make document reuse more efficient.
  • You want to increase the Return on Investment of your content repository.

Your Challenges

  • You have no information architecture in place that enables you to provide dynamic content services.
  • There seem to be too many technical barriers to make your content reusable: Content is available in various formats without metadata in different databases.
  • You need to roll out a smart content project, including the necessary technical knowledge. Thus you would be able to use existing skills of your IT and business colleagues to advantage.

Our Solution

  • We provide you with the conceptual framework and technical requirements specification.
  • We are the leading semantic technologies vendor with a large technology partner network. We guide you towards a suitable and cost-efficient solution.
  • We embrace a project and technology approach that includes technical and business experts. Using your IT infrastructure, set your experts free to build on it.

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New technologies depend on a learning curve. We guide you step by step towards your smart applications.

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