Semantic Data Management

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We Make Your Data Actionable

Data-driven organisations have acknowledged the limitations of relational databases in the age of Big Data. Data lakes lack the context for agile data management. It is semantic standards-based technologies that gain a footprint in global enterprises. We enrich your data semantically, which increases data quality and interoperability. Boost your metadata automatically with graph-based technologies.


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Your Expectations

  • You want to explore semantic data management based on concrete use cases.
  • You want to establish an agile data management environment.
  • You don't want to rebuild existing IT-systems from scratch.

Your Challenges

  • You have only a vague idea how semantic technologies can help you with your data management.
  • You face considerable resistance to an innovative approach of data management in your organisation.
  • You are aware that the adoption of new technologies depends on your organisation's learning curve.

Our Solution

  • We guide you towards semantic data management by building a first application prototype together.
  • We are experienced technology professionals, who consider knowledge transfer a key to success.
  • PoolParty as a proven full-blown semantic middleware with a flexible licensing model is ready for you.