Schematic representation of data trees in circles with crossing lines

PROPEL: Strategic Roadmap for Linked Data

PROPEL: Strategic Roadmap for Linked Data
Apr 27, 2017

PROPEL: Strategic Roadmap for Linked Data

Schematic representation of data trees in circles with crossing lines

PROPEL: Strategic Roadmap for Linked Data

We conducted a market survey to gain insights how Linked Data can address the most urgent business challenges of various industries. The business and technical university of Vienna, as well as the market research institute IDC were involved in the survey to ensure the high quality of the data raised.

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What Happens When Academia, a Technology Vendor and a Global Market Institute Join Forces?

We combined a lot of experience, different point of views, methodological approaches and networks. On the way we gained new insights that will affect the set up of Linked Data applications for business users and their needs. Most of all, the strategic roadmap is a foundation for policy makers to leverage available funding to create synergies between research institutions and the private sector. The successful adoption of innovation relies on strong interdisciplinary network effects.

Our Top 5 Findings & Recommendations

Knowledge Transfer

Enterprises are still often not aware how they can apply Linked Data technologies. They are resistant to this technology approach, as there are no certifications or market standards for Linked Data technology providers. There is also a lack of qualified professionals who could start adopting Linked Data for their employers. Therefore, intensifying knowledge transfer and establishing a center of excellence that can provide certifications and establish and maintain quality criteria around Linked Data technologies is key.

Data Landscapes

Data integration is in high demand, but most companies don’t even have a proper information architecture in place. Decision makers lack an overview of available data and how it relates to business objects. A conceptual data landscape is mandatory for establishing information hubs and reducing corporate data silos.

Interdisciplinary Expert Panels

Research institutes focusing on Linked Data operate too isolated from the market. Comparing research and industry requirements over the last 10 years show a significant delta. In practice, privacy and security issues show a big potential for improvement. However, research was ostensibly focusing on more trending topics as dynamic data streaming, searching and knowledge representation. Experienced intermediaries between market and research institutions should be continuously included in research activities.

Use Cases

There was an in-depth evaluation of various industries and their adoption potential for Linked Data. The driving factors for successful Linked Data adoption are technological maturity, data volume and use cases for the involved industries. The market survey detected 60 use cases that are relevant across multiple industries. Knowledge exchange between industries that share similar use cases should be enforced.

Community Building

Community building is essential to lift a technology’s potential. Part of the survey was also an analysis of Semantic Web events and its sponsors. It became clear that more than 40% of the stakeholders are only loosely connected to the subject domain itself. Further steps should be taken to ensure that interested parties stay on their path and further develop means to embrace semantic technologies more seriously.

Further Developments at Semantic Web Company

PROPEL allowed us to investigate the market in-depth. The cooperation with a diverse research consortium brought different networks together. We discovered new market potential and relevant improvements that will directly translate into our PoolParty service and product development.

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1 year

Methods Applied

  • Desktop research
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Stakeholder events
  • Text mining

Our research partners

Project sponsors

This project was funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) under the program “ICT of the Future”.

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