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Join a Passionate Expert Team

We are an international, curious and open-minded team. You are a good match, if you like to work in an innovative and dynamic environment.

Current Job Openings

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Developer Advocate (f/m)

In this interdisciplinary role, you are responsible for growing a technical community. You are capable to transform various kind of technical information into appealing communication products. As a creative person, you understand the tech and business world and will establish yourself as a bridge builder within the company. You will be part of the marketing team, but you will work closely with our product development and software development teams.

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Java Software Engineer (f/m)

Your main tasks would be: Java Software development in the areas of taxonomy- and ontology management and text mining. Supporting the R&D efforts of the Semantic Web Company. Work with RDF graph-databases and linked data technologies. Further development of the PoolParty platform architecture.

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Software Test Engineer (f/m)

Your main tasks would be: Planning and development of tests and testcases. Maintaining and further development of the test environment on agile software projects. Further development of automated tests as part of the ongoing development process. Analyze appearing errors in cooperation with the development team. Documentation and analysis of test results.

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Researcher (f/m)

Your main tasks would be: Designing new methods in the fields of text analysis, information retrieval, and machine learning. Implementing prototypes and proofs of concept (PoCs). Planning integration of the new features into the company’s core product. Work in national, European and international applied research projects. Design and implement the architecture of complex systems. Preparing and submitting papers to the top conferences in the field.

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Systems Engineer (f/m)

Your main tasks would be: Manage and monitor all installed systems and infrastructure incl. AWS environments, provide server environment support for enterprise customers, participate in information security systems management and ISO 27001 certification, maintain a high availability customer cloud infrastructure, install, configure, test and maintain operating systems, application software and system management tools, internal IT Support.

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How Does The Application Process Work?

Your Application

We are looking for talented and curious people.
You individual point of view and your experiences matter more than a linear, perfect CV.

Personal Interview

Your skill-set is the prerequisite to get invited for a personal interview.
Besides taking note of your education and professional experience, we like to find out if you fit into the Semantic Web Company team. That’s why we usually have two rounds of personal interviews, which can last up to 3 hours.

What Does Our Top-Management Value In Job Candidates?

„ Job candidates get my first attention when they surprise me and demonstrate genuine interest in the company. The skill-set and authenticity are equally important.“

Andreas Blumauer, CEO

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You see very fast how well prepared a job candidate is. If we can talk about our core business and research from the beginning, this is definitely an advantage to get to know each other also on a personal level.

Martin Kaltenböck, CFO

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„ Our company success thrives on long-term commitment. For me it is of particular interest to know why a candidate is interested to join Semantic Web Company.“

Andreas Koller, CIO

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