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What is the main business of Semantic Web Company?

We are distinguished experts in semantic technologies. Our expertise ranges from graph-based data integration to knowledge engineering. We are developing the leading semantic middleware on the global market: PoolParty Semantic Suite. At the same time, we are actively involved in research activities as Linked Data technologies are still a very innovative field.

How is PoolParty Semantic Suite related to Semantic Web Company?

PoolParty Semantic Suite is the core product of the company. You can find more information on our product website: https://www.poolparty.biz/

What can I do when I am interested in a research cooperation?

Our research activities are strongly related to semantic technologies and our core product. We are exploring related technology domains as NLP, Machine-Learning, Big Data always in connection to metadata management. If your research proposal fits into this knowledge ecosystem, we are happy to discuss a potential cooperation.

Do you provide consulting services around semantic technologies that are not related to PoolParty?

We are a pioneer in the fields of semantic technologies and have a global, extensive partner network. We will make sure that your use cases will be covered with the most suitable technology and knowledge transfer.

How is SEMANTiCS affiliated to Semantic Web Company?

SEMANTiCS is the largest european semantic technologies conference. Semantic Web Company initiated this conference series in 2005. SEMANTiCS takes place annually with alternating academic & industry partners.

I am interested to work for Semantic Web Company. How can I apply?

Please take a look at our career website. We are looking forward to your application.