Taxonomy Boot Camp – The Conference on Taxonomy Building and Management

Did you miss the opportunity to meet us at the Taxonomy Boot Camp in London? Now you have a second chance to meet the PoolParty team in Washington, DC. This year’s Taxonomy Boot Camp will explore how we can use our skills to help model and structure understanding to support all types of emerging technologies like AI and machine learning.

This is what you can expect at the conference:

  • Look at methodologies to better discover and codify how humans think, from user research techniques to knowledge modeling approaches.
  • Look at how taxonomies and ontologies are being designed for use in “smart” applications.
  • Participate in beginner sessions that cover the nuts and bolts, while more advanced sessions give experienced practitioners insight into how others have evolved their approaches.
  • Hear case studies, how-to sessions, and practical talks on taxonomy tools and methods, and cutting-edge developments in the field.