PoolParty GraphSearch: The Fusion of Search, Recommendation and Analytics

Join us for this webinar about the next generation of cognitive search and knowledge discovery.

Andreas Blumauer (CEO, Semantic Web Company) and Robert David (CTO, PoolParty Semantic Suite) will showcase the latest developments and new features of PoolParty GraphSearch:

  • Navigate a semantic knowledge graph
  • Ontology-based data access (OBDA)
  • Search over various search spaces: Ontology-driven facets including hierarchies
  • Sophisticated autocomplete including context information
  • Custom views on entity-centric and document-centric search results
  • Statistical charts to explain results from unified data repositories quickly
  • Plug-in system for various recommendation and matchmaking algorithms

You will learn how to generate unified views over originally unlinked data silos. You will also get to know how machine learning will impact the next PoolParty releases.

Join the webinar and invite your colleagues!


Andreas Blumauer (CEO) (Semantic Web Company)