Logistics and AI – Meetup

Data Management and Smart Algorithms for Optimizing Transport Operations

Digital transformation, especially methods of applied AI as well as new data collection and management techniques, are heavily impacting supply chain management and transport operations. The reliability and efficiency of logistic services can be improved and become more plannable.
In this event companies and organizations from Vienna will give an insight into their current projects in this field. Furthermore, the project LOGISTAR will be presented. Its goal is to develop a decision-making tool and a real-time visualization tool for freight transport. The project partners will also attend the event. After the talks, there will be an opportunity for detailed discussions and networking with international as well as local participants.

LOGISTAR is a H2020 Project where SWC pioneers the usage of PoolParty Semantic Suite in the specific domain of Freights Logistics. Learn more about this by our project coordinator Martin Kaltenböck at this Meetup.

Event location:

Expat Center
Schmerlingplatz 3


Martin Kaltenböck (Semantic Web Company)