Semantic Classifier: Bringing Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs together

In this PoolParty 6.2 release webinar Andreas Blumauer (CEO and Product Architect) and Alex Jackson (Product Manager) will introduce you to the machine learning capabilities of the semantic software solution.

A major feature of the newest release is the semantic classifier. We will show how this new feature can significantly improve recommendation services, matchmaking capabilities, and classification tasks.

By combining machine learning and semantic knowledge graphs you can increase the efficiency of knowledge engineering. Users can experience an accuracy improvement in text classification based on traditional machine learning methods like Deep Learning or SVM of up to 3% when using semantically enriched information for training instead of unstructured text only.

This webinar will highlight the following topics:

  • Learn about the difference between classification, annotation, entity extraction and categorization.
  • Learn how to train a semantic knowledge model and a semantic classifier and how to integrate and adapt the results continuously.
  • Learn which machine learning algorithms and knowledge graphs fit best for which use cases.
  • See how you can apply and benefit from semantic knowledge models, also in combination with various machine learning tasks.